LEA System Accessories

For video surveillance for law enforcement purposes, our mobile MULTIEYE video recorders are used.

Mobile Network and Hybrid Video Recorders


Mobile 20-channel video recorder with four activated PoE inputs, expandable to 20 channels as NVR or hybrid recorder with up to 8 analog video inputs. Optional with LTE, power management and many other features.


Mobile 4-channel micro network video recorder with 2 activated channels, expandable to 4 channels. Very small video recorder for extreme conditions -40 to +75°C, housing: aluminum diecast.

ME-10 NVR+

Mobile 10-channel network video recorder with 4 activated PoE-inputs, expandable to 10 channels.

ME-10 HVR+

Mobile 10-channel hybrid video recorder with 4 activated analog and 2 IP-video inputs, expandable to 8 analog or max. 6 IP-video inputs.

Low Light Network Cameras for Indoor and Outdoor Operation

Mini network thermal camera with 384×288 or 640×480 px resolution, additional analog video output, operating voltage 12VDC, 2,5W, size 38x32x32mm. Different lenses with 8,15,40,75,100mm focal length

Mini IP Pin Hole Video Camera, 2.4MP, 4,3mm Pinhole, POE, ONVIF, 12VDC, 52x48x35mm

The innovative Full-HD-Full-Frame-Camera ME20F-SHN features a unique ISO sensitivity of more than ISO 4 million for shooting in infrared or extremely low light.

VIVOTEK MS9321-EHV 180° Outdoor Bullet IP-Kamera, 20MP 30FPS ,4x fixed lens 3,8mm each 5MP with integrated stitching, IR 30M

Vivotek SD9374-EHL Speed Dome IP camera, 4MP 30fps, H.265, 36x, 250M IR, with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)

MULTIEYE Mobile Observation Case

We offer mobile observation cases for police indoor and outdoor use with integrated Full HD IP video recorder with up to 10 channels, monitor, LTE router with WLAN and external antenna, power supply via car on-board power supply, internal battery or 230V~. The observation case can be integrated into the LEA video management system through a MULTIEYE software upgrade.

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