MULTIEYE Video Recorders

Our MULTIEYE Video Recorders are the core of a professional video surveillance system. Because of their modular architecture they offer enormous flexibility, expandability and future proof of investment. MULTIEYE products and system solutions stand for usability, reliabilty and versatitlity. They are expandable with add-on modules and are able to communicate with third-party data sources.

Stationary Network and Hybrid Video Recorders

8/32-channel Network and Hybrid Video Recorder, expandable to up to 32 channels, in 19“-design with 2 or 4 RU with 2 or 3 removable hard disks, lockable front panel.
4/8/16-channel Desktop Network and Hybrid Video Recorder in compact design with internal 1-4 TB hard disk. Also available with removable hard disk.

Mobile Network and Hybrid Video Recorders


Mobile 10-channel Video Recorder with four activated PoE inputs, expandable to up to 10 channels, as pure NVR or Hybrid Recorder with up to 8 analog video inputs, internal backup battery (optional) and many more features.


ME4 ULTRA Mobile 4-Channel Micro Network Video Recorder wih 2 activated channels, expandable up to 4 channels. Smallest size, for operation under extreme conditions -40 -+75°C, housing: high-pressure die casting aluminum, 5 years warranty.

ME-10 NVR+

ME-10 NVR+ Mobile 10-Channel Network Video Recorder with 4 activated PoE inputs, expandable to 10 channels.

ME-10 HVR+

ME-10 HVR+ Mobile 10-Channel Hybrid Video Recorder with 4 activated analog and 2 IP video inputs, expandable to 8 analog or max. 6 IP video inputs.