MULTIEYE Software and Recorders

Our MULTIEYE video surveillance software and system solutions are used for the different areas of application, e.g. surveillance of retail stores, shopping centres, petrol stations, city centres, car parks, airports, railway stations, production plants and company premises, museums, banks, logistics centres as well as video information systems for counting and analysing people, objects and dwell times, for quality assurance or for environmental and traffic observation.

MULTIEYE recorders and video management software (VMS) can be combined with a variety of software modules, e.g. for data protection-compliant video surveillance, license plate recognition, recording of data from cash registers, scanners, PLC controls, temperature sensors. The open software architecture enables a wide range of connection and expansion options for e.g. access control or building management systems.

In connection with our accessory components, MULTIEYE systems can be realised, expanded and modernised at any time according to customer specifications. They offer a high degree of added value and investment security. With our products MULTIEYE 3 and MULTIEYE NEXT, both the smallest and systems with hundreds or thousands of cameras can be implemented at a reasonable price.

Video surveillance software and recorders for small to medium sized installations

MULTIEYE 3 products and system components are optimally suited for both simple and demanding tasks, for which a variety of software, recorders, hardware modules and accessories are available. MULTIEYE 3 video systems have proven themselves in thousands of systems and can be adapted to customer-specific requirements at any time.

MULTIEYE 3 products are used in all areas with the most diverse applications and are preferred by security authorities, e.g. for security and strategic reasons, which underlines the high quality of this product.

Video surveillance software and server for medium to large systems

MULTIEYE NEXT products and system components impress with their high performance with minimal hardware use, energy efficiency, use of multiple storage systems, fail-safe fail-over concept, full ONVIF integration and future-oriented video analysis functions. By means of the integrated AI-based video analysis technology, events are precisely detected and reported. False alarms are reduced to an absolute minimum. With our offer of turnkey video servers up to video control stations, MULTIEYE NEXT systems are optimally applicable for the areas of industry, infrastructure, banking, transportation, city surveillance, logistics – without limitation of the number of cameras.

MULTIEYE NEXT systems are highly protected by 256bit encryption of the video transmission and recording data. The system also offers audio recording in HiFi quality, allowing the system to be used for more extensive tasks.