MULTIEYE 3 Software Modules

MULTIEYE PrivacyShield for video security in compliance with data protection regulations

Whether at the workplace or for video surveillance of public places and streets. MULTIEYE PrivacyShield offers secure privacy protection. MULTIEYE PrivacyShield uses a special filter to blur moving persons / vehicles in the live view. This ensures that the protection of privacy is maintained at all times. Actions remain recognizable. The size of the objects and also the sensitivity can be optimally adjusted for each camera via various parameters.

MULTIEYE VCA Video Analysis

The application possibilities and performance capabilities of MULTIEYE video systems are considerably increased by the wide range of MULTIEYE VCA video analysis modules. They increase the productivity of security personnel through event-related alarming, reduce false alarms, reduce data transmission data or signal the falling below or exceeding of threshold values. With now 27 different analysis functions, exactly the right tool can be used for the respective application.

MULTIEYE Network Player

The NetworkPlayer enables easy access to MULTIEYE recorders via the local network or via the Internet. Recordings can be evaluated quickly and efficiently. Pictures or videos can be exported to local storage media such as USB sticks, DVDs or even the hard drives of the PC or notebook for preservation of evidence. So that you can easily play the videos on devices without MULTIEYE software, the export of the video data is optionally carried out including MultiPlayer.

MULTIEYE DataLog Module

The DataLog module is a data interface for all MULTIEYE products. The software module enables the integration of data devices such as cash registers (POS), ATMs, access systems, scanners (barcode readers), PLC controls, measuring devices, GPS receivers, etc. The data is faded into the live camera image of the MULTIEYE recorder via the RS-232 interface as well as via the network (TCP/UDP) and linked to the video recording. The recorded data can be evaluated according to signal words (e.g. cancellation) and displayed together with the relevant video. The signal words can also be used to send automatic messages by e-mail or SMS. The DataLog module can be operated with analogue and/or IP cameras.

MULTIEYE Autobackup Modul

The AutoBackup software module enables automatic copying and/or archiving of videos, time or alarm controlled to multiple destinations (internal / external data carriers or drives, network compatible). This automates the archiving of image and audio recordings and thus protects against data loss due to overwriting (ring buffer), failures or sabotage. Archiving can be performed locally or on storage media via network, either time- or event-controlled or permanently. Which parts of the recordings are to be archived can be determined individually for each camera. This also allows you to meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act and, for example, archive only relevant recordings. The function can also be retrofitted later on with all MULTIEYE-HYBRID/NET systems through software activation, thus contributing to investment security for MULTIEYE systems.

MULTIEYE EventManager Module

The software module enables free, script-based control of events and actions with logical links. The software monitors, analyses, controls and documents processes and is able to control cameras, lighting, monitors, door and barrier openers at defined events.