VideoCenter III

The MULTIEYE VideoCenter III (VCIII) is a central, site map-based video monitoring and multiview system for display and replay of video cameras, visualisation of results and remote monitoring for any number of MULTIEYE recorders. VC III can communicate with up to 32 MULTIEYE recorders (that is 1,024 cameras) simultaneously. VC III is available in two different types: Business and Enterprise with different performance features. They are available as software or ready-to-use VideoCenter III query station and offers an unbeatable price/performance ratio.


VC III manages and visualises up to 512 monitor windows of which 192 windows visualize live display of cameras with instant replay and hotspots. Site maps, IO-controller, browser plug-ins and log files can also be assigned to the monitor windows.

VC III supports up to 8 monitors.Individual multiscreens and full screen display can be assigned to each monitor. The multiscreen layout can be individually adjusted and stored as user-specific favourite. The dynamic hotspot function allows for displaying cameras within the Hotspot window via mouse click and/or via alarm/event. The programmable hotspot function also features an alarm image sequence display – to display current alarms/events.

Site maps are created with the site map editor and logically linked with cameras and IOs elements. Replay in the VCIII is performed by the integrated player with motion index display. The function “Hot Zone Megapixel Zooming” developed by artec technologies and the DirectStream technology for resource-saving inquiries of IP video streams are available with VCIII. Up to four internet browsers suitable for third party applications such as talk-back, video telephony, CRM/ERP systems or for monitoring of recorder-independent IP cameras and encoders can be displayed in multiscreen.

The visualisation performance of VCIII depends on its configuration, codecs and CPU performance. VCIII may be cascaded for very demanding requirements. VideoCenter III is available as USB dongle or as ready-to-use station with two or four DVI/VGA outputs.


  • Site map based video monitoring and multiview system for simultaneous monitoring of up to 32 MULTIEYE recorders
  • Easy to operate
  • Central administration of all connected MULTIEYE recorders via one interface
  • Supports up to 8 monitors with up to 512 monitor windows
  • Multiscreen layouts can be created individually and stored user-specifically
  • Hot Spot function: Display in two independent hotspot displays. Manual event-controlled switching, integrated alarm image sequence display as 4/8/16 split screen
  • Automatic alarm image activation
  • Live display in highest quality and resolution by means of DirectStream network transmission
  • Display in 4:3 and 16:9 format, additionally as corridor and panorama display, also fullscreen
  • Bandwidth-optimized inquiry through recorder re-compression
  • Display and operation of IOs, Flip Flop function for realy control
  • InstantReplay: Smooth switching between live display and replay via scroll bar in the camera window or via standard player with motion index display
  • Site map editor for creating floor plans with interactive icons
  • Up to 4 internet browsers can be integrated into the monitor windows
  • PTZ control via pop-up windows, keyboard, joystick or site map:A “field of vision” area in the site map defines the visual range of a camera with absolute control. Via mouse click within the visual range it is automatically zoomed into this area, including pivot, tilt and zoom function
  • Digital PTZ control within zoomed live display via mouse click on the arrows at the image border or pressed mouse wheel
  • Hotzone Megapixel Zooming function
  • Supports the ImmerVision IMV1-1/3 panamorph lens with distortion-free digitalisation and PTZ control
  • User Management
  • ONIF support
  • New camera finder and revised dialog
  • Starting camera presets upon contact alarms
  • Load/save of PrivacyShield settings
  • Auto backup via IO on/off
  • Event display with log and protocol confirmation

Please download the fact sheet to see the distinguishing features between VideoCenter III Business and Enterprise and the scope of delivery.