Video Management Software and Servers for Medium to Large Installations

with integrated artificial intelligence – powerful

MULTIEYE NEXT is one of the most powerful and efficient video management systems on the market. The new software bundles a variety of state-of-the-art technologies. This includes video analysis on the basis of artificial intelligence for various applications, support of GPU acceleration in the video servers, audio recording in HiFi quality, mobile clients (Android/iOS) with video live streaming and intercom, highly encrypted transmission including recording, as well as maximum reliability through cluster operation.

Customer-specific solutions

The video system always consists of three basic applications (administration, recording/analysis, live display), which are seamlessly integrated and can be distributed to several servers in the ENTERPRISE version. Even large installations do not require special software knowledge or skills. The customer operates the system via the intuitive user interface locally or via a remote connection. The system supports multi-monitor operation as well as a fully automatic video wall display.

The video management software includes a variety of functional components to create customized system solutions. User authorizations can be set via several access levels to ensure highest data security. The overall system ensures highest reliability and data security by using back-up servers and end-to-end encryption.


Integrated video analysis, AI-based

MULTIEYE NEXT uses artificial neural networks for video analysis. This is an application from artificial intelligence for the real-time detection, classification and recognition of objects, events and behavior patterns in videos. Objects are being classified.

AI Basic Features:

  • Neural detection of 8 different object types
  • People, cars, trucks, cyclists, trains are included in the basic software
  • Highest detection rate based on Deep Learning method
  • Enables intrusion protection in definable zones
  • Enables the detection of the direction of travel and walking of vehicles and persons
  • Enables the detection of broken down vehicles and persons
  • Detection of slow moving or stopped vehicles in defined zones
  • Object counting of object types in definable zones and directions
  • Reduction of false alarms through integrated artificial intelligence
  • No influence of weather and/or abrupt light changes

New: Integrated, biometric face recognition

The video management software MULTIEYE NEXT includes biometric facial recognition as a standard feature since fall 2022.

The powerful and reliable real-time facial recognition is based on intelligent neural networks and in combination with its biometric reference template database is a powerful tool for access control, personalized customer service and also applicable for research and information purposes. Biometric face recognition is fully integrated into the video management event management and is a regular part of the MULTIEYE NEXT software.

MULTIEYE NEXT Face Recognition offers:

  • Real-time face recognition at the highest level
  • Fast search for faces
  • Can be used with cameras from any manufacturer

MULTIEYE NEXT Basic Software Features

  • Number of channels can be expanded at any time, no upper limit
  • High performance with up to 256 video cameras / video encoders
  • Highest possible redundancy through failover server
  • Integrated, AI-based video analysis for all channels
  • No client limitation
  • Auto backup function
  • Video Wall Support
  • Active Directory support
  • H.265 Support
  • Encrypted transmission and recording
  • Smartphone / Tablet App with live streaming function
  • Real-time clips convertible to timelapse clips
  • Audio recording in HiFi quality
  • License plate recognition optional

MULTIEYE NEXT Software Editions


The PROFESSIONAL Edition is used for video systems with up to 64 cameras. It is based on a typical client-server architecture. The video server combines media, recording and event management and allows an unlimited number of clients to access the system.

  • Easy integration
  • Flexible extension to ENTERPRISE
  • Reliable hardware
  • Video Wall Support
  • Up to 64 cameras
  • Unlimited client licenses
  • Efficient system


The ENTERPRISE Edition is one of the most modern and powerful video management software in the world, which allows professional video surveillance systems with hundreds / thousands of video cameras to be realized via any number of video servers. Thanks to new technologies such as Smart Transmission, Smart Recording or the use of SMART EDGE technology, this edition guarantees highest system efficiency, operational reliability and expansion possibilities.

  • Unlimited number of cameras and servers
  • Central system administration
  • Maximum expansion possibilities
  • Unlimited client licenses
  • Supporting tools for large systems
  • Central upgrades
  • Up to 256 cameras per server

MULTIEYE NEXT License Plate Recognition LPR

MULTIEYE NEXT can optionally be equipped with a license plate recognition system. The LPR extension module enables extremely fast and reliable recognition of license plates. It can be used with any NEXT software version and is fully integrated into the NEXT event management. Many dozens of international country license plates are supported.


We offer a range of video servers that are designed and produced according to system-specific customer requirements. The video servers have a very high system availability through RAID Storage Array, dual power supply, remote server monitoring etc. The system availability can be increased even further by failover video servers, so that in case of a malfunction, uninterrupted operation is guaranteed. GPU-based video data processing allows up to 256 video channels to be processed simultaneously on one server. Several servers – even in different locations – can be interconnected to form large systems.

Control room technology and display systems

Our customers want to have the video control station for larger MULTIEYE video systems from a single source. For this reason, we also offer control diamond technology and display systems. Here we combine – depending on customer requirements – multiple monitors up to display video walls with control technology and hazard and risk management systems. Here you can get further information:

Technological Services

We offer a wide range of services:

  • Service and support packages for all MULTIEYE products
  • Extended warranty for all MULTIEYE products
  • Project planning support
  • On-site commissioning support by factory technicians
  • Factory pre-configuration of recorders and cameras
  • Trainings / Workshops / Seminars
  • Special developments