Centralized video surveillance and security with AI-based video analytics and encrypted transmission

For over 20 years, artec technologies AG has been the specialist for the development of software and system solutions for video surveillance technology, which is used in thousands of applications under the brand name MULTIEYE. With our latest products and many years of experience in encrypted transmission and processing of live streams and video recordings, we now offer our MULTIEYE CLOUD SaaS service.

Customers can have new as well as existing IP cameras and video systems monitored with state-of-the-art technology. The MULTIEYE CLOUD video management system analyzes the live video streams using artificial intelligence and classifies objects and behavior patterns. By classifying and narrowing down the areas to be monitored, false alarms are reduced to a minimum.

Our MULTIEYE CLOUD is based on the MULTIEYE NEXT video management software and is one of the most powerful and efficient video management systems in the world!

The video servers in our MULTIEYE CLOUD are operated in our colocation of a German, highly secured data center, are designed redundantly, secured against network failures and connected to multi-carrier backbones. For customers who still want on-site recording in parallel, we offer solutions.

System integration

The MULTIEYE CLOUD handles ONVIF compatible IP cameras from all manufacturers, Axis I/O Box, camera I/Os, Axis Speaker, Axis Bodycam, MULTIEYE NEXT video servers, MULTIEYE STORM video stations and other components. Our systems in the MULTIEYE CLOUD can handle a large number of cameras and video systems from a wide variety of locations simultaneously.

License Plate Recognition LPR

Optionally, ONVIF based cameras can also be used on site for license plate recognition. The MULTIEYE NEXT LPR extension module enables extremely fast and reliable recognition of license plates. In combination with black & white lists and Event Manager e.g. barriers can be controlled.

Biometric face recognition

The integrated, powerful and reliable real-time facial recognition is based on intelligent neural networks and in combination with its biometric reference template database is a powerful tool for access control, personalized customer service as well as for research and information purposes. The biometric face recognition is fully integrated into the video management event management and is a regular part of the MULTIEYE NEXT video management software and thus also usable in the MULTIEYE Cloud.

Site plan display

Video cameras and interactive modules can be displayed and operated in multi-layer site plans, as can GPS coordinates e.g. from bodycams and smartphones.


With the MULTIEYE NEXT app for Android and iOS smartphones & tablets, live cameras are displayed with lowest latency, so that e.g. PTZ cameras can be controlled in real time with minimal time delay! Events with recordings can be accessed from anywhere. The cameras and microphones integrated in the smartphones and tablets can be used as mobile surveillance cameras and for communication. The video streams are transmitted encrypted from the mobile devices directly to the MULTIEYE CLOUD, visualized and recorded there. The current GPS position of the cell phone user is visible via the integrated map of the video center.

Integrated AI-based video analytics features

A key feature of the MULTIEYE CLOUD is video analysis of live camera streams based on neural networks for real-time detection, classification and recognition of objects, events and behavior patterns in videos. Objects are already classified in this process, among others:

  • Neural classification of currently 8 different object types: People, cars, trucks, cyclists, motorcyclists, buses, trains ships.
  • Highest detection rate based on Deep Learning method
  • Enables intrusion detection in definable zones
  • Enables detection of reversed direction of travel and walking of vehicles and people
  • Enables detection of broken down vehicles and persons
  • Detection of slow moving or broken down vehicles in defined zones
  • Object counting of object types in definable zones and directions
  • Reduction of false alarms through integrated artificial intelligence
  • No influence of weather and/or abrupt light changes

More video analysis features

In addition to the existing video analysis functions, 25 further video analysis features are optionally available, which can be set for specific applications, such as: AreaCounting, OccupancyRate, LeftOject, Loitering, PanicDisorder, SlipFall SmokeFire etc.

Secured and encrypted transmission and storage

Video streams and their recordings must be protected against unauthorized use to the highest degree. For this reason, encryption based on AES-128,
-192 and -256 bits are available. Furthermore, the transmission from the customer side to the cloud system can be additionally secured via VPN.


Livestreams and recordings can be accessed via PC, notebook and app via tablet or smartphone.
We also supply complete control room technology and display systems. Monitoring tasks can alternatively be taken over by security centers with video control rooms.

MULTIEYE CLOUD – Your Advantages:

  • No investment costs for video servers, no operating costs for power cooling and maintenance
  • Highest availability through system redundancy and multi-carrier connectivity in high performance networks
  • Permanent VMS and hardware modernization
  • Anytime expandability
  • High security through encrypted transmission and recording, optional VPN connection possible
  • Worldwide retrievable

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