Video Management Software and Systems for Small To Medium Installations

Reliable – modular – universally applicable

Our MULTIEYE 3 video management software as well as the MULTIEYE 3 video recorders have been used successfully for almost 20 years in thousands of applications and for the most diverse uses, e.g.

  • Retail shops
  • Shopping centres
  • Petrol stations
  • City centres
  • Parking spaces and car parks
  • Airports and railway stations
  • Production facilities and premises
  • Museums
  • Banks
  • Logistics centres

MULTIEYE 3 systems also serve as video information systems for counting and analysing people, objects and dwell times, for quality assurance or for environmental and traffic monitoring. MULTIEYE 3 software and recorders are now available in the third generation.

Modular concept offers investment security

MULTIEYE 3 systems can be combined with a variety of software modules, e.g. for data protection-compliant video surveillance, license plate recognition, for recording data from cash registers, scanners, PLC controls or temperature sensors. The open software architecture enables a wide range of connection and expansion options for e.g. access control or building management systems. In conjunction with our accessory components, MULTIEYE systems can be adapted to customer-specific requirements and modernised at any time. They offer a high degree of added value and investment security. With the simple licensing concept and almost unlimited scaling, MULTIEYE system solutions from 2 to over 100 cameras are possible. For our customers, this means considerable savings in training, installation, and after-sales service.

Live display & remote inquiry

In the basic version, MULTIEYE 3 already has video monitor and alarm management and offers programmable multiscreens with hotspot monitor. In quadplex operation, you can simultaneously display and record live images, and play back recorded videos locally or via network. Live and recorded data can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users via PC, notebook or mobile phone / tablet via app (iOS and Android based) over adjustable bandwidths. Several recorders operated with MULTIEYE 3 can – in conjunction with the VideoCenter III – be expanded into larger systems. The software is camera manufacturer-neutral and supports IP video cameras and video servers of various brands.

Recording & analysis

 The multifunctional memory management allows dynamic or static recording modes as well as pre-alarm, post-alarm and suspect memory. Event-related recording can be started by motion detection, timer operation, alarm inputs or the data interface.

Playback takes place simultaneously in the MultiPlayer, in the network player or via web browser. For fast navigation within the recordings, MULTIEYE offers keyboard, joy stick and jog shuttle support and enables a single to quad display based on a variety of search criteria. Ultra-fast evaluation of the recorded videos is made possible with the help of the integrated video analysis tools “MotionSearch” and “MotionTrack” as well as the motion histogram.

Security & Service

MULTIEYE offers the highest functional security through software watch-dogs, crash recovery, video failure detection, shell operation and digital watermarks in videos and snapshots. Alarm, status and routine messages can be forwarded via e-mail, ICQ, Net-Send or via alarm contact and data interface. MULTIEYE 3 is also available as a UVV Kassen-compliant version. The SystemRestorer for saving and restoring the MULTIEYE configuration makes it easy to restore a desired system state with the camera reference image snapshot function. With the LiveUpdater, you update the MULTIEYE software independently and are thus always up-to-date.


Privacy-Compliant Video Security

Whether at the workplace or for video surveillance of public places and streets, with the PrivacyShield software module, MULTIEYE can be expanded by an essential component for privacy-compliant security. PrivacyShield uses a special filter to blur moving persons/vehicles in the live view. This ensures that privacy is protected at all times. Actions remain recognisable. The size of the objects and also the sensitivity can be optimally adjusted via various parameters for each camera.


Video system from a single source

Customer-specific MULTIEYE systems with IP video cameras and switches can be configured and tested in-house. This means a high degree of time saving during on-site installation. In addition, we offer support for on-site commissioning by artec factory technicians.

MULTIEYE Video Recorders

Our MULTIEYE recorders are characterized by their high functionality and performance and are suitable for a wide variety of demanding video surveillance applications in the commercial and industrial sector. They have a modular design, can be scaled and modernized and thus offer a very high degree of investment security.

Our network and hybrid video recorders can process image data rates up to 2,800 MPixel/s*.
and are therefore predestined for applications in connection with megapixel cameras. The MULTIEYE 3 software currently supports over 1500 of the most common network cameras and video servers from more than 110 manufacturers and thus enables lightning-fast and uncomplicated integration. MULTIEYE video recorders are available in industrial 19″ rack construction with lockable front panel and as compact devices.


The MULTIEYE VideoCenter III (VC III) is a central, location-based video monitoring and Multiview system for live display and playback of video cameras, for visualization of events, for protocol documentation, and for remote configuration and control of any number of MULTIEYE recorders. The VideoCenter III can be used as a control center, can be operated intuitively and, depending on the version, can communicate with up to 32 MULTIEYE recorders, i.e. with 1,024 cameras simultaneously. The VC III is available in two versions: BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE, with different performance features as software or as a finished VideoCenter III interrogation station.

MULTIEYE ANPR Number Plate Recognition

MULTIEYE ANPR license plate recognition software modules or complete packages are available in different versions with up to 8 lanes and driving directions. These complete packages consist of MULTIEYE network video recorder with installed ANPR software module Gate or Traffic, bullet IP video cameras with IR and motor zoom, PoE power supply, 23″ monitor, EX-IO server and remote commissioning support by artec factory technicians. In addition to the automatic license plate recognition, the entry and exit process is also recorded.

MULTIEYE car passenger face visualization and recognition

The system automatically visualizes the faces of the driver and passenger through the front glass pane and records all events, even at high speeds. The system is used for visual access control at entrances and exits on company premises, parks, properties or as part of official security. In combination with a second video camera, the system can simultaneously and automatically record the vehicle number plates. Face recognition is also possible under certain conditions.