Our MULTIEYE products for video surveillance, security and as video information systems are successfully used in thousands of applications in all conceivable areas such as

The essential features of our MULTIEYE video systems are summarized here:

  • Monitoring, observation, detection
  • Recognition and identification of people, objects, license plates, faces by AI
  • Forensic search of events, locates people, objects, etc.
  • Protects buildings, infrastructure, facilities
  • Signalizing certain events
  • Controls and switches cameras, peripheral devices
  • Counts objects with evaluation, e.g. customer frequency, traffic density
  • Communicates with third-party systems
  • Rationalize and automates e.g. work processes
  • Provides cyber security
  • Provides privacy protection
  • Minimizes false alarms through artificial intelligence
  • Continuous modernization and expandability of software and hardware

Video systems for the industrial sector

MULTIEYE video systems improve the safety of outdoor and indoor areas of industrial companies, are used for process monitoring, quality assurance as well as occupational health and safety. They control process operations and save operating costs. Thanks to the high scalability and multifunctionality of MULTIEYE video systems, they can be used for customer-specific applications, can be expanded and modernized at any time, and ensure investment security. Our systems can be coupled with access control, intrusion, fire alarm and building management systems. In addition, they offer comprehensive data protection and IT security through encrypted recording and data transmission. With the AI-based video analysis functions of our MULTIEYE NEXT Videomangenent software, object classifications are possible which, on the one hand, reduce false alarms to an absolute minimum and, on the other hand, are predestined for tasks in production processes, logistics, etc.

Video systems for retail sector

Our video systems offer multi-functionality: video surveillance, video security, access control, marketing up to cash register and scale integration – all in one system! High-resolution video cameras capture large sales areas and save infrastructure-related system costs. With our AI-based video analyses (MULTIEYE VCA), application-specific functions such as heat mapping (HotZones), customer dwell time at cash registers and counters (AreaCounting), people counting (GateFlow) up to digital customer access control (Overcrowding App) can be implemented and thus business processes can be optimized and increased. The catchment areas of visitors arriving by car can be determined by licence plate recognition of the associated car park/parking garage in order to obtain feedback on advertising measures. Decentralized MULTIEYE video systems, as in branch operations, can be called up, updated and configured centrally. Of course, our MULTIEYE systems ensure data protection conformity.

Video systems for critical infrastructures

MULTIEYE video systems support and increase the security of critical infrastructures with state-of-the-art technology. Outdoor security is provided by high-resolution video day/night and thermal cameras, which can be extended by long-range sensors, microwave radar, etc., by the MULTIEYE STORM camera tower and in combination with MULTIEYE NEXT video management software & recorder or by the MULTIEYE Cloud which impresses with its integrated AI-based video analysis functions. In addition to automated, virtual guard tours, our software registers and signals definable events, such as persons and/or vehicles that are not allowed to be in a security area for a certain period of time, or detects deposited objects that do not belong there. Intrusion attempts are reported to the control center in advance and visualized. When combined with access control, intrusion and fire protection systems, the locally relevant video cameras are automatically connected to the hotspot monitors of the video control center in the event of alarm messages and can thus be verified by the security personnel. A large number of decentralized objects and infrastructures can thus be monitored from our partner control centers.

Video systems for safe cities and traffic

City surveillance is about protecting the public, against crime and vandalism, as well as maintaining and optimizing the flow of traffic by means of a centralized MULTIEYE NEXT video system. The integrated AI-based video analysis functions automatically detect, signal and visualize obstacles in road traffic caused by accidents, wrongly parked vehicles, vehicles driving in the wrong direction or traffic jams. In addition, vehicle density and number of vehicles can be measured, traffic lights are controlled and defined events documented. The video systems also support the police and emergency services in their fight against crime and are used to assess the situation. MULTIEYE systems process hundreds to thousands of video cameras and sensors in real time. Video systems in different regions can be networked with each other and centrally accessed and can be connected to control centers.

Video systems for parking lots and parking garages

MULTIEYE video systems monitor parking facilities and check which vehicles have access authorization through automated access control by means of license plate recognition. In addition, they transmit and signal the parking space utilization and document accidents, damage and vandalism. Car rental companies can thus prove and document vehicle damage on return by comparing the video recordings when picking up the vehicle. Our systems offer central monitoring of all parking areas and barrier systems, taking into account data protection.

Video systems for airport facilities and railway stations

In both areas, the security of passengers, visitors and employees as well as the security of the entire infrastructure is playing an increasingly important role. Hundreds to thousands of cameras are centrally connected, monitored and recorded. In order to react quickly to events, defined events are automatically detected and signalized using AI-based video analysis. Entrances and exits as well as entrances and exits, especially to sensitive areas, must be highly secured and safety distances for passengers must be maintained. The passenger density in certain areas is automatically determined in order to take measures for unbundling. The automated use of AI-based video analysis functions (MULTIEYE VCA) with object classification is indispensable for this.

Video systems for stadiums and venues

Stadiums as well as venues must be monitored highly efficiently. This includes the entire infrastructure, such as access roads, parking spaces, entrances and exits, buildings and grandstands. This places great demands on image quality with minimum resolution, permanent coverage of large areas and redundant monitoring and recording. Video analysis functions monitor personnel and visitor flows in combination with access control such as face recognition up to forensic evaluation of the whereabouts of suspicious persons. An access control system, burglary and fire protection systems as well as building management can be combined with the MULTIEYE systems. Several high-resolution 21 megapixel cameras cover the grandstands area-wide and are supported by PTZ cameras as backup in case of failure. In addition, our systems offer the highest standards in data protection and data security and support emergency forces through the centralized MULTIEYE video and monitoring system with remote inquiry from stationary as well as mobile end devices.

Video systems for museums

MULTIEYE video systems monitor the exterior and interior areas of museums, control the flow of visitors, signal irregularities and can be coupled with existing burglary, fire alarm and building management systems. Exhibits are additionally secured by AI-based video analysis like LeftObject. With a combination of video analysis tools, free-standing objects can be secured by a virtual 3-D protective jacket MULTIEYE MyShield.

Video systems for banks and financial institutions

MULTIEYE video systems are used in banks, savings banks and financial institutions. In this regard, the systems meet all current standards such as video encryption, multi-level password protection, authentication methods, pre- and post-alarm recording, etc., while at the same time complying with IT security guidelines and data protection regulations. Our video systems also provide the analysis for more efficient business processes and related customer service. MULTIEYE video systems in bank branches can be centrally accessed and managed. In addition, alarm events can be activated centrally. One of the largest MULTIEYE banking projects is located in Slovakia with 370 bank branches and centralized retrieval. For this project, UVV-compliant hybrid recorders were used and connected to the existing analog video cameras, which were successively replaced by IP cameras. This was possible without replacing the hardware recorders and solely through software updates.

Video systems for cargo and logistics business

In the cargo & logistic business, speed, reliability and efficiency are crucial to their success. The loss of parcels or general cargo not only causes immediate financial loss and damage to their image, but also has a negative impact on insurance premiums. MULTIEYE video systems are, in addition to real-time and on-demand tracking functions, license plate and driver recognition in the access and departure areas and the multitude of AI-based video analysis functions, optimally suited for tasks in the logistics sector. Our systems offer investment security through expandability and modernization at any time and ensure that your investment is future-proof.

Video systems for recycling companies

MULTIEYE video systems secure recycling plants against non-authorized access, monitor and document large terrain areas as well as the processing of residual and valuable materials and recycling processes, control vehicles at the entrances and exits, protect employees and visitors from entering security-relevant areas, detect and signal temperature anomalies and sources of fire by means of thermal cameras. False alarms are reduced to a minimum by the centralized AI-based video analysis in the MULTIEYE system. Our systems save costs right from the start and make it possible to optimize processes.

Video systems for educational institutions

XENTAURIX video systems are used in the field of further education as a multimedia information and further education platform, both locally and nationally. The great advantage of our systems is, among other things, the instant replay possibility and the immediate creation of video clips, which can already be created during the live broadcast. Further advantages are the possibility to set comments with bookmarks as well as the possibility of expansion and modernization at any time. Already 15 years ago the first XENTAURIX systems were delivered, with which experiments of students were streamed and recorded, up to systems used for the training of captains and officers of cruise ships as well as the training of astronauts flying to the ISS.

LEA Public Safety

For the governmental security sector – especially for organizations fighting crime and terrorism – we offer tailored MULTIEYE video management, product and system solutions. Please visit our website MULTIEYE: Video Surveillance Technology for Security Authorities

Customer-specific projects are developed and implemented in cooperation with our system integrators – on any scale and complexity. Challenge us, we are looking forward to your inquiry.